Words Make a Difference

The magic behind KidCash is you. Your messaging as a loving caring parent can help them understand the reasons and influence long-lasting productive behavior. Make it consistent and relevant. Keep those lines of communication open and strong. Get their attention regularly at their daily review and in the moment. Here's messaging that I've used and seen a lot of success with. Happy Parenting!

Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash
Things I've said to make them aware of digital addictions...

Here's some messaging that over the course of time, has helped me get my five year old that tells me that he doesn't want to use the smart tablet or phone too much. I don't expect that to last forever but so far so good.

"Digital devices are fun, entertaining and can be great learning tools. If they're used in balance, it's fine but it's important to be aware of the dangers of addiction."

"Life is short, try to fill your life with variety and make sure you're not doing one thing too much. You should balance out device time with other activities."

I like to explain how addiction works in the brain. That the dopamine loop can actually rewrite your brain, that chemicals can drive desire to act and not always logic or what you know is better for you.

"It's good for your brain to be challenged doing different kinds of activities, not just one. If you don't use it you lose it. Games are good for some times of thinking, but going outside is beneficial for others."

"The danger of digital devices is that over a lifetime, some people get so used to that lifestyle that they rarely leave their homes. This can make their bodies not feel good, it can make you miss out on time spent with people and studies show that being social makes people feel happy."

"If you really look at what your body is doing, you'd realizing that you're just sitting in one spot facing a wall."

I try to be a good example by making an effort to put the phone down whenever I'm in their presence. They will probably be a slave to their devices at some point but while their minds are still forming, I feel that being careful now can yield healthy results later on.

I tell my children about Internet cafes and net cafe refugees in Asian where people sometimes live 24-7 in. I tell them need for rehabilitation centers because these addictions destroy lives. I like to point to extreme yet realistic examples to exaggerate my points.

We watch videos together where people address the issues of internet addiction.

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Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash
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Buy Kid Cash securely online with One Click Amazon Express Checkout

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