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KidCash Parenting Kit

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Each KidCash dollar is printed on 25 lb. high quality vibrant stock and is lovingly made in America. You can put struggles in the past and power in the hands of your children as they learn about personal finance, self discipline, patience, and more through a reward system that is educational, fun and only takes a minute a day. 

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Parents want to teach their children a lot of things but how do you get their attention and make it stick? KidCash is a simple reward system based off of real-world economics which can help you get your voice heard, help them focus, motivate and learn practice relevant life skills daily. It's flexible components allow it to be used in many different ways and can fit any family's budget. Get their attention and make it stick. Order KidCash today!

Each Kit is lovingly made in America. KidCash currency is printed on high quality 25lb stock paper. Your kit will arrive fully packed with:

What happy parents are saying...

This is the most innovative, ingenious, and NECESSARY tool in our upbringing arsenal! KidCash teaches our son discipline, the importance of earning and saving, the value of work, penalties for not following the rules, and overall structure. AND IT'S FUN AT THE SAME TIME! An absolute MUST-HAVE for all parents. - Rolf L.
Her attitude has softened and is now less "entitled". She was always a good girl, but this is really showing her how to value herself, her time and money. I see that she loves having this structure in place and I believe "needs" it. - Christina K.
In our home, we use many reward systems, especially since we have an autistic child. KidCash is so much more than a reward system, it is a parent education system. This system allows the kiddos to make their own choices: good and bad. It has taken away so many arguments in our home. If the children don't have enough cash for tv, they don't nag for it. Not enough cash for candy, they don't ask. It has taught them responsibility and they have learned the value of achieving their goals. A completely valuable system that cannot be replaced. I would recommend this for any parent. It is a must have! - Patrick H.
As a mom of an 8 and 5 year old , I feel the system has been equally effective on each child. My kids are actually excited to do something that would please us , and are more cautious of getting into trouble since their tangible device cash will be taken away when they do , in whatever increment we have decided. They kids actually see these "dollars " equating into experiences and items that they enjoy. Losing them makes them realize the consequences of their actions. - Lisa L.
When my KidCash package arrived, I opened it up and started looking at all of the little packages of money and the guidebook and the pads of bounties and I immediately thought, 'I don't know about this...'I just thought it looked like a lot of work! But my boy was all up in my business when he saw the package, and pretty much spewed out a stream of questions:'What's that? Can I see? Is that money? How do you use it? Is it a game?' I literally stopped in my tracks and looked at him. For real? He was totally into it and we hadn't even started! I kind of quickly described to him what it was and he said, 'Great! I'll make a bank!' and he ran off to construct a home for the KidCash bills! I was totally shocked!! - Debbie Z.
As soon as my daughter saw the box, she wanted to open it up. Once she actually saw what was inside, she was all over it wanting to do it. She gets excited to spend the colorful money to get things that she wants. It's really helping her to learn that behavior has consequences, whether they're good or bad. I'm working with her so she stops to think about her behavior, which can give time for her brain to reset, focusing on the KidCash rather than whatever it is that's upsetting her. It's not always perfect, but like anything, it takes time, patience and effort. KidCash sets the foundation for us to build off. - Melissa L.
The KidCash system has been amazing in our home. The children no longer "nag" for things. If they do not have the currency to purchase it, they simply do not get it. We have been using it for the past two weeks, and the change was basically overnight. The children like to be "in charge" of their own decisions and their rewards. - Tre H.

Get their attention and make it stick...

Original Price $29.99

KidCash gives you the tools you need to make everything you're trying to do with your kids easier and more effective every day.
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