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Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash
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KidCash gives you a way to get their attention and make your lessons stick. Put power struggles in the past and choices in the hands of your children as they learn about money, self discipline, patience, focus and more through a simple reward system that is educational, fun and only takes a minute a day.

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Using KidCash is as simple as a daily review.

create an allowance with kid cash
teach your child to earn with kid cash
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Savings Cash

Teach kids money naturally and safely through direct practice.

They can use Savings Cash to earn their way towards the things they want while getting daily experience with patience and delayed gratification. Savings Cash provides a structure that helps turn begging into communication, and entitlement into appreciation. It adds a natural layer of motivation towards focus and discipline as well.

teach children money with kid cash savings dollars

Device Cash

Easily limit their time on phones, tablets and games.

Set a regular interval to time expenditure and as a structured way to say that the time is up. When device time is over, shift them into other activities such as sports and music to keep their free time balanced.

teach kids limit devices with kid cash device dollars

Candy Cash

Explain why they need to limit junk food through education and structure.

Self control takes practice and this skill could improve or extend their life. Getting an early start can help put your children on track towards making healthier choices for life. Use candy dollars to limit the amount of servings you wish for your child to have every day. If they know their supply is limited, then it truly will be a treat when they indulge.

teach kids limit junk food with kid cash candy dollars

Activity Cash

Get your kids involved with how the family has fun together.

Let them in on the conversation. Used as a currency, the prospect of an event can help motivate young ones to focus to accomplish their goals. Have open conversations of places they would like to go, and let them use Activity Cash to work towards saving up for these trips. They will also gain insight and appreciation into how families budget for excursions.

teach kids how to budget with kid cash activity dollars

Gift Cash

Reward your children for generosity early on so it sticks.

Highlight good deeds and let them experience the joy of giving. Gift Dollars can't be spent on themselves, so the value they are building is the power to help others. They can use it to give to siblings if they run out of candy dollars, or to get mom a gift for her birthday. 

teach kids generosity with kid cash gift dollars

Bank Books

Show kids how to save and keep their money safe.

Bank Books are a great way to teach kids how to manage their finances. Once their KidCash is returned to the bank, it can no longer be lost, damaged or stolen. It also helps get them used to counting and basic arithmetic, while ensuring that the parents always have enough cash to give out during the week. 

Adventurous parents can even add interest so their young investors may learn the crucial tenets of compound interest and saving for retirement.

teach kids how to save with kid cash bank books

Bonus Bounty

Drive motivation for grit, discipline and the joy of earning.

Bonus Bounty can help children get over the friction of a new habit or difficult task by giving them a positive feedback loop. If a reward is accompanied by reason, they will eventually see how what they are doing now ladders up to the real world. 

Use Bonus Bounty as a surprise and delight incentive when you need extra help with problem areas until they get it (such as potty training, or staying seated until the end of the meal). Use them to set maintainable goals such as good grades, a clean room or a fun way to complete chores.

teach kids discipline with kid cash bonus bounty

Violation Tickets

Encourage children to communicate and make better decisions.

The worst time to reprimand bad behavior is when you and your child are both upset. With Violation Tickets, you move these discussions off to a later time when he or she is more receptive to taking information in. 

If the child is misbehaving, you can give a warning. If they continue then you can give them a ticket. You then have the conversation regarding what went wrong at your daily meeting when it's time to give out allowance. Considering the conversation affects something they are hoping to get, you will have their full attention.

Being clear about what is expected of them and giving them reasons which they can understand makes them able to choose the right path with less frustration.

teach kids how to communicate with kid cash violations

Daily Meetings

Form a strong relationship with your kids with daily face-to-face time.

Getting into the habit of having a daily talk with your children is a great way to stay connected as a family, of being comfortable expressing concerns, give credit where due, plan where funds are spent, and have a forum to vent so problems can be solved quickly. Doing this from an early stage will keep everybody closer through the years, especially in a day and age where every eye is fixated on a screen.

Imagine how different the future could be if more children stayed connected and grew up with stronger values, more patience, work ethic and concern for one another.

Form good habits early on. Start with KidCash today!

Form a relationship with your kids with KidCash Daily Meetings

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Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash
Get started with KidCash today because parenting shouldn’t be so hard.
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Buy Kid Cash securely online with One Click Amazon Express Checkout

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Kidcash is an A+ product!!!

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A Must-Have Parenting Tool

Rolf L. says...This is the most innovative, ingenious, and NECESSARY tool in our upbringing arsenal! KidCash teaches our son discipline, the importance of earning and saving, the value of work, penalties for not following the rules, and overall structure. AND IT'S more

The value of time, money and discipline in a box

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Excellent teaching tool for kids ages 2+

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A Must Have for Any Parent!!! Stop the Arguments Now!!!

Patrick H. says...In our home, we use many reward systems, especially since we have an autistic child. KidCash is so much more than a reward system, it is a parent education system. This more

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Marisa S. says...Kidcash is a terrific product. My kids love it. It really motivates my children to behave. They actually get excited about putting away their toys and making their beds.

It has been a life saver

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Incredible learning tool!!

Jasmine B. says...Wonderful product!!! Discipline without me raising my voice or my blood pressure.
Easy to learn how to use for both the parent and child!! Glad someone finally came up with this!!

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arms children with the tools to become productive members of society

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