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By Danielle D. - Teacher, philanthropist, wife, and mother of a 12 year old boy with Aspergers

additude magazine adhd - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

I can honestly say that KidCash is truly a blessing! Growing up, my son struggled with fairness and motivation to accomplish daily tasks.  He wanted to see some reward..some sense of gratification..for his good citizenship and daily triumphs. His teacher was also grappling with the same issues, since all of her students were somewhere on the spectrum.  How could you teach core values when students need a catalyst...a motivation to "feel" the magnitude of what they are doing?  

After using KidCash successfully at home, I decided to share to with my son's teacher.  She created a wall chart for each student and gave each student a wallet to keep track of their earned money.  She added a chart that contained a "price list" of how much each good deed and chore in class was valued at so students could see how much money they would earn.  His teacher displayed prizes that could be earned with the money.  Special privileges could also be attained with the money, like pizza and using a Nintendo 3DS LX during recess.  

After awhile, students were doing things they were supposed to do...naturally.  Working towards a prize became working to better yourself and your greater community. How amazing is that?? KidCash broke barriers for these students...it worked for students who had responded to not much else prior...There was a real buzz about it with the kids and parents alike..kids who rarely spoke wanted to talk to their parents and peers about how much they earned and how they got there and what they planned to use their money for. It was a big miracle in a small package...it helped connect a teacher to her students and students to their parents..but more importantly, Kid Cash helped students with Autism connect to themselves..and that's monumental..for that... KidCash is worth it's weight in gold..

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Kidcash is an A++++ product!!!     

By Amazon Customer MomOfGirls "MomofGirls” - Rated 5/5 Stars

KidCash is an amazing product that I recently started using with my kids as a way to reinforce positive behavior and to deter the not-so-desirable ones (without screaming ) and it has been extremely effective in both. Included in the kit are : Candy cash (if you desire to reward your child with "currency" to purchase that special treat ) Activity cash (they can save dollars earned from good behavior for a trip to the movies or amusement park ) Gift cash (which we have used so that the kids can earn money to get grandma a gift with their own money ) And our absolute favorite , device cash , which my kids enjoy earning the most to earn access to their favorite item , the highly coveted Ipad).

Violations are also included , and are given to my kids when they have forgotten a homework book , talk fresh , fight with one another or the many other things kids do. The violation tickets are great as they offer you the place to record the exact offense , and give you the option to take away any of the earned currency from your child.

As a mom of an 8 and 5 year old , I feel the system has been equally effective on each child. My kids are actually excited to do something that would please us , and are more cautious of getting into trouble since their tangible device cash will be taken away when they do , in whatever increment we have decided. They kids actually see these "dollars " equating into experiences and items that they enjoy. Losing them makes them realize the consequences of their actions.

I also feel that KidCash is an educational tool. My 5 year old is learning the concept of counting , and it translates into counting currency. I feel this is a dual-fold product, educating kids while giving the incentive (and perhaps more importantly the opportunity to have a conversation) to behave in a more positive way. And as a person who is cautious of how I spend money , I am thrilled that this product does both

I urge all moms and dads to incorporate KidCash into their parenting - you will NOT be disappointed.

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A Must-Have Parenting Tool     

By Amazon Customer Rolf L. - Rated 5/5 Stars

This is the most innovative, ingenious, and NECESSARY tool in our upbringing arsenal! KidCash teaches our son discipline, the importance of earning and saving, the value of work, penalties for not following the rules, and overall structure. AND IT'S FUN AT THE SAME TIME! An absolute MUST-HAVE for all parents. Thank you KidCash!

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The value of time, money and discipline in a box     

By Amazon Customer Christina K. - Rated 5/5 Stars

I recently started using Kid Cash to coincide with my LO starting school. Having her with a nanny since she was 10 months old, I knew it was time to implement more structure and discipline. My LO is 3 1/2 and at first I thought she may be too young for Kid Cash. I am happy I started using it anyway. It is working wonders for us. She looks forward to saving "cash" for items. She is learning the value of hard work and money. Her attitude has softened and is now less "entitled". She was always a good girl, but this is really showing her how to value herself, her time and money. I see that she loves having this structure in place and I believe "needs" it. We love Kid Cash.

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Excellent teaching tool for kids ages 2+     

By Amazon Customer Karen E. - Rated 5/5 Stars

This kit has all you need to teach kids how their actions translate to money which in turn buys things/activities they want. Many people wait until kids are older to teach dollar-sense, when in fact kids as young as 2yo are capable of grasping the relationship of money to things.

What is unique about kid cash is that it creates spending categories that are color coded so easy for kids to understand:
Device - cash that can only be applied to media time (e.g., tv, iPad, etc)
Candy - cash applicable only to treats/candy
Activity - cash applied to trips like chuck e cheese or build a bear
Savings - cash that must be saved
Gift - cash to give to others (teaching charity)
Violation - tickets to remove cash for undesirable behavior
Bonus bounty - bonus for extraordinary behavior

I tried this system on my 2.5 yo son and I was surprised at how quickly he grasped the concept and wanted to earn more device time. We haven't gotten to using the gift cash just yet, but I can see this kit growing with him as he gets older. I think this kit is best used with the Kazdin book parenting the defiant child. That book recommends a sticker system, but this kidcash product teaches more of a real world idea of reward and lost opportunity. Unfortunately our society operates on capitalist principles, and our kids are better off grasping those concepts sooner rather than later. Kidcash is the perfect start.

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A Must Have for Any Parent!!! Stop the Arguments Now!!!     

By Amazon Customer Patrick H. - Rated 5/5 Stars

In our home, we use many reward systems, especially since we have an autistic child. KidCash is so much more than a reward system, it is a parent education system. This system allows the kiddos to make their own choices: good and bad. It has taken away so many arguments in our home. If the children don't have enough cash for tv, they don't nag for it. Not enough cash for candy, they don't ask. It has taught them responsibility and they have learned the value of achieving their goals. A completely valuable system that cannot be replaced. I would recommend this for any parent. It is a must have!

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Awesome Product if You Want to Raise Positive Kids     

By Amazon Customer Suzanne D. - Rated 5/5 Stars

My son is 3 1/2 and starting to test us in many different ways. Using time outs and other methods of behavior modification have not been 100% successful. We started using kid cash and we have seen so much improvement. Zen really gets the incentive system and he shines when he earns cash towards things he wants. I love this system! I was brought up on corporal punishment, but this system is so much more successful and makes a positive difference.

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Great Motivator     

By Amazon Customer Marisa S. - Rated 5/5 Stars

Kidcash is a terrific product. My kids love it. It really motivates my children to behave. They actually get excited about putting away their toys and making their beds.

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Love It!     

By Amazon Customer Donna G. - Rated 5/5 Stars

Love it!!! My kids love it! My 9 yr old offers to do chores just to earn some cash. What else can you ask for? :)

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Kidcash is a must have a parents dream come true     

By Amazon Customer Nicole B. - Rated 5/5 Stars

Great product a must purchase for anyone with young children! Great idea and easy to use and it works!

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Incredible learning tool!!     

By Amazon Customer Jasmine B. - Rated 5/5 Stars

Wonderful product!!! Disciplinary took without me raising my voice or my blood pressure.
Easy to learn how to use for both the parent and child!! Glad someone finally came up with this!!

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Kidcash is an amazing product!     

By Amazon Customer Julie P. - Rated 5/5 Stars

Kidcash is an amazing product! We love it and recommend it to any parents with young children!!!! its a must have!

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I love everything about this!!

By Lois M.

If kids were taught about money from an early age, people wouldn't be so much debt now.

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KidCash teaches children to listen and budget - Watch our featured story on Mommy Monday's with CT Style's Teresa

(WTNH) – Getting children to listen to their parents is a struggle as old as time. Lisa Chin, founder of KidCash LLC, is trying a new method with actual kid cash.KidCash LLC is a new way for parents and children to see eye to eye. “The two things that KidCash does is, it helps to get their attention, and it helps to make the lessons to stick,” says Lisa.To get the child’s attention, KidCash allows parents to have a “daily review” to form a habit of face to face communication between the parent and the child. The KidCash rewards the child for good behavior. There are different types of cash, such as “sugar money.”The program helps teach children to listen actively, earn their rewards, basic financial responsibility, and more.

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Featured in ADDitude Magazine

#8 Recommended Product in the 2015 ADDitude Gift Guide for Kids with ADHD

additude magazine adhd - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

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Buy Kid Cash securely online with One Click Amazon Express Checkout