Ideas to Get Your
Child to Form
Healthy Habits

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Ideas to get your child to sleep

Did you know that it can take more than 66 days to form a habit? Create a plan that includes incentives and education to get your voice heard and make it last. Here are some ideas to get you started. Tailor a plan according to your particular parenting style and beliefs. Use whatever fits, ignore what doesn't and add your own. Need more info? Read our article "How to Get Your Children to Sleep, Eat Better, Do Homework Faster & More".

Ways you can incentivize productive decision making:
Verbally praise them if they went to bed on time.
Let them earn bonus dollars for every night they try to go to bed on time, even if later that night they come back out.
Add a highly wanted toy to a goal sheet. Let them check off a box every time they are successful.
Let your children decorate their bedroom. It can help motivate them through ownership and create value for their personal space.
Create a bed-time routine. Have them read a book, brush their teeth, and then say good-night around the same time every day.
Turn off electronic devices 60 minutes before bedtime to help them wind down.
Try to make sure they get enough exercise during the day to help them sleep better.
Expose them to a good amount of daylight. It helps to calibrate the body’s internal “circadian” clock.
If they're scared, give your child tools to overcome their worries. These can include a flashlight, a spray bottle filled with "monster spray," or a large stuffed animal to "protect" him.
Ways you can keep them accountable and on track:
If they don't want to go to bed, they can stay up for another hour in exchange for something. They can go back to their bed for a bonus reward, but they can't come into your bed.
If they don't want to go to bed, they can stay up for another hour in exchange for something. Make sure to point out mood changes or fatigue the following day.
If they want to sleep in your bed, they can in exchange for something every time they do.
Ways you can educate them for long-term intrinsic reasoning:
Let them watch educational children's videos. It provides social proof that supports what you're saying and can hold their attention.
Teach them that most children their age (3-5) need 10-13 hours of sleep to feel happy and healthy.
Teach them that sleeping helps the brain get rid of harmful garbage.
Teach them that insufficient sleep can increase their chance of obesity.,,20232959,00.html
Teach them that insufficient sleep can make you feel hungrier than you are. It could lead to overeating.
Teach them that insufficient sleep can increase your risk for diabetes.
Teach them that sleeping can make you grow more.
Teach them that insufficient sleep can cause you to get sick.
Teach them that sleeping can improve how you remember and learn.
Teach them that insufficient sleep can make them have a hard time controlling their anger.
Teach them that insufficient sleep can lead to depression.
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