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  • Print these fully illustrated versions of our popular currency on any color paper.
  • Customize your special bills with your name, class and/or school.
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Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

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By Danielle D. - Teacher, philanthropist, wife, and mother of a 12 year old boy with Aspergers

additude magazine adhd - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

I can honestly say that KidCash is truly a blessing! Growing up, my son struggled with fairness and motivation to accomplish daily tasks.  He wanted to see some reward..some sense of gratification..for his good citizenship and daily triumphs. His teacher was also grappling with the same issues, since all of her students were somewhere on the spectrum.  How could you teach core values when students need a catalyst...a motivation to "feel" the magnitude of what they are doing?  

After using KidCash successfully at home, I decided to share to with my son's teacher.  She created a wall chart for each student and gave each student a wallet to keep track of their earned money.  She added a chart that contained a "price list" of how much each good deed and chore in class was valued at so students could see how much money they would earn.  His teacher displayed prizes that could be earned with the money.  Special privileges could also be attained with the money, like pizza and using a Nintendo 3DS LX during recess.  

After awhile, students were doing things they were supposed to do...naturally.  Working towards a prize became working to better yourself and your greater community. How amazing is that?? KidCash broke barriers for these worked for students who had responded to not much else prior...There was a real buzz about it with the kids and parents who rarely spoke wanted to talk to their parents and peers about how much they earned and how they got there and what they planned to use their money for. It was a big miracle in a small helped connect a teacher to her students and students to their parents..but more importantly, Kid Cash helped students with Autism connect to themselves..and that's monumental..for that... KidCash is worth it's weight in gold..

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As an educator and a mom, I can’t begin to describe to you how important it is to teach children how to be financially responsible early on and to encourage them to make their own decisions.

By Maria C. - Mommy Blogger from

When I was a kid, my brother had a friend whose mother used to pay him for completing chores around the house.  She had a whole system in place for compensating him to each task and she would pay him what he earned at the end of each week.  I can recall thinking how lucky he was that he was getting paid to do the things that I was doing in my house for free.   

What I didn’t realize was that he was simultaneously learning how to be responsible with his finances.  You see, he actually had to work in order to earn his weekly allowance so the money meant much more to him because it came at a price.  As a result, he learned how to save and manage his money early on.   

As an educator and a mom, I can’t begin to describe to you how important it is to teach children how to be financially responsible early on and to encourage them to make their own decisions.  KidCash® makes parenting easier because it helps to reduce power struggles and to open the lines of communication between parents and kids.    The basic premise behind it is that has different currencies that help parents set limits on sweets, technology, activities, spending and even rewarding positive behaviors. There are bonuses and violations to highlight those extra good or bad moments.  Additionally, kids can maintain bank books that teach them the importance of keeping their money safe and saving it.   

I have had the opportunity first-hand to see the benefits of positive reinforcement like this not only with my own sons but within my own classroom.  It’s a great way of establishing boundaries and routines with children and reinforcing positive behaviors and open communication.   

KidCash® arms children with the tools to become productive members of society in the future.  Having a system of rewards and balances like this one can be extremely beneficial to children with special needs or focus issues because it provides them with a concrete reward for positive behaviors as well as something tangible that they can reflect upon when they are not on task.    Prepare your children to effectively manage their lives tomorrow with KidCash®.  You can share tickets with your children’s teachers and other caretakers in order to establish continuity in their daily lives.  I’m sure you will see that it helps kids focus, learn how to save money, and even complete homework.

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Featured in ADDitude Magazine

#8 Recommended Product in the 2015 ADDitude Gift Guide for Kids with ADHD

additude magazine adhd - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

ADDitude is the only magazine focused on improving the lives of people with AD/HD. Each issue contains timely information about treatment options, practical advice, and proven tips for living well with ADD at home, school and work. Subscription includes the acclaimed annual Success at School issue.

Founded in 1998 by Ellen Kingsley, an award-winning journalist with a unique ability to convey credible information with empathy and inspiration, ADDitude magazine has provided clear, accurate, user-friendly information and advice from the leading experts and practitioners in mental health and learning for almost 10 years.

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