Different Ways to KidCash

KidCash is as flexible as you are. We work hard to create as much value for you as we can dream up. Here are some of the different ways you can implement the system to get your creative juices flowing including our favorites, "The Reverse Psychology", "The Auction" and more. 

Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash
Starting Up
Bonus Bounty
The Currency Exchange Rate

convert unused dollars into the power to buy

This is when a parent figures out what to do with the dollars they didn't use up by the end of the week. Maybe every three KidCash dollars is equal to one U.S. Dollar. Maybe the currencies are exchanged differently. Maybe you can buy one candy dollar with two device dollars. Whatever you decide, make sure it all works comfortably within your budget.

flexible to any budget with kid cash
The Shopping Bonanza

turn a trip to the toy store from begging to an earned reward

This is when you schedule a trip to the beloved (preferably local) toy store as a reward for accumulating some hard earned dollars. You can relax and let them go crazy because they can only spend the amount that they have and nothing more.

use toy store rewards with kid cash
The Rainy Day

teach children restraint by rewarding self discipline

This is when you allow a child to use leftover candy, device or activity cash to be converted into spending dollars. This can teach them the benefits of choosing to limit oneself which helps lead to self-discipline down the road.

save dollars for buying with kid cash
The Goal Sheet

a simple visual way to get your kids to their goals

This is when you use one of our goal sheets to give them a very visual way to see how they are progressing towards their goal. You simply find an item that they really want, glue the picture to the left, and let them check off the boxes every time they want to put their dollars towards it. You can download our free goal sheets here.

kid cash goal sheets to save
Buying Time

teach children different types of value

This is when they are buying time instead of an object. Maybe a device dollar gets them an hour of the smart tablet, or an activity dollar means an hour at the playground.

teach kids value exchange with kid cash
Tricked You,
It's Healthy!

teach your children healthy can be delicious

This is when you make them spend their money on things that are actually good for them, such as spending a candy dollar on a fruit smoothie, or an Activity Dollar to go on a run with mom.

use healthy treats as rewards with kid cash
Just a Dab

create frequent positive feedback to reinforce lessons

This is when you let them use their dollars for small every day treats, such as the ability to add some chocolate to their milk, or honey to their cereal. It's a good way to ensure they see the value in their day to day without creating too much imbalance.

frequent positive feedback children with kid cash
The Budget Background

teach your children self discipline through reason

This is when you tell a child why something is taxed. If it's a Candy Dollar, it would sound something like, "Well you have a budget for Ice Cream because too much sugar is bad for you. It makes you eat less of the healthy stuff, though having a treat is totally fine if in moderation. That's why you can buy yourself some every so often with your candy dollars."

teach children self discipline with kid cash
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Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash
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Buy Kid Cash securely online with One Click Amazon Express Checkout

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