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Here are some ideas to quickly get you started with KidCash

Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash
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Getting Started with KidCash

we try to make a lot of complex topics simple, begin today!

Starting is simple. We'll follow the Slow Buildup Approach, where you gradually introduce the system to your kids.

getting started is easy for children with kid cash
Getting prepared

teach your kids how to exchange currency for value

We'll begin with something straightforward: getting them accustomed to using dollars to get things they like. Since it's a new concept, let's start with something special. Choose a treat you know your kids enjoy but don't usually have access to, and have it in the house. You might also consider getting a temporary wallet for them.

Their first review

get kids used to a daily time to communicate

This typically takes place after dinner. Begin by discussing what they did exceptionally well that day. Always focus on praising their effort rather than just the outcome. If relevant, mention a couple of things they could have improved on as well. Then, let them know that for their great effort, they're going to receive a Candy Dollar that night and give it to them.

Their first exchange

teach your kids the meaning of value

A little while after dinner, check in with them and ask if they'd like their special treat. Make sure it's something they can't resist. When they request it, inquire if they have the Candy Dollar to exchange. Take the dollar, give them the treat, and send them off with a smile.

Repeat until they get it

reinforce the structure you are building by repetition

When you notice that they're grasping the idea of trading a dollar for a treat, it's a good time to begin introducing other types of dollars and the concept of "getting a ticket."

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Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash
Get started with KidCash today because parenting shouldn’t be so hard.
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Buy Kid Cash securely online with One Click Amazon Express Checkout

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