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Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash
teach kids communication - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash


Regular daily reviews encourage not only understanding behind the rules and limits, but allows your child to express his/her feelings. The opportunity to verbalize emotions is a huge factor in the reduction of frustration in children. Daily talks also strengthen bonds between children and parents.

teach kids focus and motivation - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

Focus & Motivation

Most of us are motivated to do well in our jobs because more income means more control in our lives. Children are similarly incentivized. When given the opportunity and higher level reasons to do well, often find it easier to focus and get through tasks that require some grit.

teach kids delayed gratification - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

Delayed Gratification

We all want to give our children the world yet when we cave to demands, they don’t react the way we would expect. Value is lost if something is too easy. Allowing a child to choose something to work towards not only makes them appreciate it but introduces them to how the economy works.

teach kids self discipline - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

Self Discipline

Your child should be able to spend dollars on something immediate, such as a Candy Dollar on a cookie. If you allow them to also use saved and unused dollars towards bigger ticket items, like a Toy Oven, they will naturally learn how to meter themselves to get there faster.

teach kids patience - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash


The KidCash system is all about being rewarded for waiting. When goals and timelines are clear and predictable, the knowledge of progress and expectation of the desired goal adds an element of joy to this usually frustrating process. Structure adds stability and control to their lives as well.

teach kids accountability - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash


KidCash is a gentle way to let children know that their actions have potential consequences. A parent could give teachers and caregivers the ability to bonus or ticket as well, creating a layer of transparency even when the parent isn’t physically around. Moving talks to a later time lessens the stress as well.

teach kids goal planning - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

Goal Planning

Children naturally understand the concept of working for things that they want. They will look forward to their progress and feel amazing when they reach their targets. Goal sheets (in the downloads section) are another great visual aid which makes saving for different items simultaneously a snap!

teach kids basic finance - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

Basic Finance Skills

Paper has it's advantages over apps, especially for toddlers. Learning how to balance different budgets is easy with colorful and engaging currencies. Directly interacting with these visual physical tools really helps young children grasp these difficult concepts early on.

teach kids how to make decisions - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

Decision Making

Practice making decisions gives your child a better chance of success as an adult. KidCash gives children a structure more aligned with the real world which creates more learning opportunities for relevant comparison in the future. Give them the edge of applicable experience.

teach kids math skills - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

Basic Math Skills

As your child gets used to this exchange of currency for goods, you can ask them to do more difficult basic arithmetic. How many dollars do you need to obtain your goal? How many do you have left? Adventurous parents can even introduce the concept of interest when using the bank books.

teach kids independence


New concepts can be easier to master with bonus bounty. If they should already know how to do something, you can offer the choice of doing it themselves or paying you to do it for them. Explain that if you can do something yourself, you can save yourself a lot of money in the future.

teach kids generosity - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash


Gift dollars are given as a special reward for instances of sharing and caring. These dollars can’t be spent on themselves, nor can they be ticketed. Children can feel absolutely free to spend these special dollars on the people around them, and experience the joy of giving first hand.

Change the learning experience...

Featured on ABC's Channel 8 CT Style LIVE

KidCash teaches children to listen and budget - Watch our featured story on Mommy Monday's with CT Style's Teresa

(WTNH) – Getting children to listen to their parents is a struggle as old as time. Lisa Chin, founder of KidCash LLC, is trying a new method with actual kid cash.KidCash LLC is a new way for parents and children to see eye to eye. “The two things that KidCash does is, it helps to get their attention, and it helps to make the lessons to stick,” says Lisa.To get the child’s attention, KidCash allows parents to have a “daily review” to form a habit of face to face communication between the parent and the child. The KidCash rewards the child for good behavior. There are different types of cash, such as “sugar money.”The program helps teach children to listen actively, earn their rewards, basic financial responsibility, and more.

change the learning experience - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

What is KidCash?

‍KidCash is an innovative paper-based parenting tool that uses a framework of incentives and proven game mechanics to naturally motivate children.

Our play money comes in five fun currencies relevant to toddler life: candy, savings, device, activity and gift cash. During the week, your children earn dollars, avoid violations, go for extra bonuses and keep their money safe in the bank. The KidCash system emulates real life which not only makes it easy to follow, but prepares them through first-hand practice. KidCash rethinks how we approach parenting in a way that’s not only fun and easy for both parents and kids, but actually works!

How do we do this?

We make abstract ideas like self-discipline and self-restraint more concrete so that they're easy for kids to grasp, hold on to and understand. KidCash gives children first-hand experience on practical matters like how to budget, plan, and set achievable goals for themselves.

During this process, KidCash gives your youngsters an edge on important life skills like the abilities to focus and communicate ideas effectively.

But that's not all. KidCash is also designed to expand your children's understanding of the wider world around them by giving them the ability to better appreciate the joys and value of generosity- through both your actions and their own.

We built KidCash to help your little ones understand not only the importance, but the value in taking responsibility for their actions by setting up manageable goals, rewards and dealing with consequences that they can actually learn from.

Incentive + Education = Change That Lasts

teach kids through educational videos - Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash

Check out our inspirational videos section if you need help getting your child to care about germs, their teeth, eating right, watching their time on digital devices and more! You can also read the science behind why you should incentivize your kids.

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Teach kids money, focus, discipline and more with Kid Cash
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Buy Kid Cash securely online with One Click Amazon Express Checkout

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